Personal Sound Amplification Products

Chicago Hearing Care offers a high quality PSAP (Personal Sound Amplification Product) for those patients with a very mild hearing loss who are not yet ready for hearing aids.

Before purchasing a PSAP, it is a good idea to start with a hearing exam and test to see what your level of hearing loss is and at what frequencies your difficulty lies.

Also, an exam can pinpoint other problems such as ear wax or a tumor that are causing hearing difficulties.

PSAPs are not hearing aids, and vary greatly in quality and price. They are designed for people who want to amplify soft sounds but are not ready for hearing aids. Many people find that they are useful in situations such as television watching, but not in situations where there is background noise, such as hearing conversations in a noisy restaurant.

It is best to think of them as a supplemental assistant that is sometimes helpful. When purchasing PSAPs, quality is important. Our PSAP is a good option for those interested in a boost without clinical diagnostic services and adjustments.