Cochlear Implant Mapping/Programming

General Information For Cochlear Implant (CI) Recipients

Cochlear Implant Mapping/Programming:

If you are an established cochlear implant user seeking an appointment for mapping/programming and audiological services, our team conducts cochlear implant follow-up sessions where we test your internal and external devices, assess your speech perception in quiet and in noise, and recommend any adjustments needed. For more information on cochlear implant devices and follow-up, please contact us at or call our office for an appointment. We also conduct information sessions on assistive devices such as remote microphones, connectivity and phone accessories.

If you are a BIMODAL user (cochlear implant and hearing aid in the non-implanted ear) we can help program both devices, and provide follow-up services in the convenience of our location in downtown Chicago.
Key things to remember:
  • CALL YOUR SURGEON: If you experience pain or swelling of the implant site, or blood or any discharge coming out of your ear or implant site, please contact your CI surgeon immediately.
  • CALL AUDIOLOGY/CHICAGO HEARING CARE: If you experience hearing difficulties, quality of sound, or volume issues, please call us to make an appointment at your earliest convenience for programming and testing. Usually we can see you within a day or two.
  • CALL YOUR CI COMPANY: If you experience difficulty using your new equipment, troubleshooting when something is not working, or connecting your accessories, please contact the manufacturer. They have trained personnel that can assist you over the phone or send you video links etc. You will get help right away.
  • MRI Questions: If you need to have an MRI scan, please call your cochlear implant manufacturer for instructions. Let the MRI center know in advance that you have a Cochlear Implant.
It’s a good idea to: 
  • Join the support group hosted by your manufacturer such as:
  • Meet, talk to, and get to know your Consumer Outreach Manager from your implant company. They are trained professionals that can offer you one-on-one support in your area. They can help you to get to know your equipment and all the parts in your kit, accessories, and introduce you to services and materials provided by your manufacturer. We can help you to connect with them.
  • Connect to an auditory rehabilitation program so you can learn and practice listening at home:
  • Download support apps from your manufacturer for troubleshooting, sign up on their YouTube channels for support videos, and follow them on social media.
  • Join your Hearing Loss Association of America local chapter:
    Cochlear Implant Group in Illinois
    Lincoln Park Group
  • Follow Chicago Hearing Care in social media. We have on going learning events for our patients & their families.

We are here to help you. You can always contact us by calling
312-643-0717, or emailing 

Enjoy Hearing Every Day!

Dr. Alejandra Ullauri | Cochlear Implant Specialist