Hearing Technology Outcomes Matter
October 10, 2019
man on phone
March 20, 2020

As everyone else, we are taking COVID-19 seriously. Since last week we have implemented different measures to protect everyone who we come in contact with. We are doing this based on CDC, local government and professional academies recommendations. At this time we are:
• Screening patients who have appointments coming up. We are asking them to reschedule If they have traveled internationally, have any symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID 19
• Screening appointments and asking patients to reschedule if their appointments are non-urgent or are routine check-ups. You are safer at home!
• Scheduling patients every two hours so we can AVOID having patients meet in the waiting area, that also gives us time to disinfect common areas, surfaces, light switches, and door handles in between patients.
• Providing remote programming for those who have hearing technology that allows that.

Please know that I’m in the practice. I live near the office and I don’t drive or take public transport to work, so if you need me to help you troubleshoot a problem I can do that. I can do it over the phone, or we have lots of videos that can help you troubleshoot things at home. However, If your devices break and stop working you can bring them over. Please be aware that this might change as CDC and government recommendations are changing day by day.

Stay home, safe, and healthy.

Warmest regards,

Alejandra Ullauri, Au.D.




IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are taking the Coronavirus seriously as over 60% of our patients are in the HIGH RISK population bracket. If they contract the virus they are more likely to experience serious complications. This is why we are asking everyone who has a coming up appointment to reschedule if:
1) They have traveled abroad in the last 14 days
2) They have a fever, cough or cold like symptoms
3) They have been in contact who has tested positive for COVID-19

Actualmente estamos tomando varias medidas para proteger a nuestros pacientes del contagio con CoronaVirus. El 60% de nuestros pacientes están en edad de riego y podrían tener complicaciones serias si se contagian. Por esta razón pedimos a aquellos pacientes quienes tienen citas en los siguientes dias y semanas CAMBIAR DE FECHA si:
1) Ha viajado fuera del país en los últimos 14 días
2) Tiene algún síntoma como tos, fiebre o catarro
3) Ha estado en contacto con alguien que tiene un examen positivo de COVID-19