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October 30, 2018
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February 11, 2019

We Specialize in Complex Hearing Loss Cases

If you or a loved one has a significant hearing loss you are not alone. Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States. Taking steps to address hearing loss is a smart move! We specialize in complex hearing loss cases.

Our goal is to accomplish excellent hearing outcomes for our patients. To do that, we combine the latest technology in implantable and non-implantable hearing devices and professional expertise. We treat patients from places both near and far — many of our patients live in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, or Indiana, but we also have patients that reside in other countries: Argentina, China, Ecuador, India, Pakistan and Peru. We take pride in the satisfaction of our patients.

The core focus of our practice is achieving the best possible outcome for each and every patient. We’d like to give you an overview of our practice to help you decide if our services meet your hearing needs. 

Comprehensive hearing assessment:

Patients first need a comprehensive hearing assessment. This involves more than a simple audiogram. We test their speech understanding and listening skills. With an accurate view of the case, we help our patients select hearing technology based on their hearing performance and individual needs.

Hearing technology:

Patients with complex hearing loss, which varies in type and severity, have different options when it comes to choosing hearing technology. Once we have the right technology selected, we program these devices using proven clinical protocols such as worldwide-recognized prescription formulas, real-ear measurements, and verification processes. This is just the beginning of the journey to excellent hearing. As patients gain listening experience through their hearing devices, we test their listening performance and make further adjustments based on actual results.

Monitoring their outcomes:

We are devoted to ensuring that our patients’ hearing outcomes remain positive. Therefor we monitor their outcomes closely.

Our patients:

Most of our patients are experienced hearing aid users who visited other hearing care providers prior to selecting Chicago Hearing Care. More than half of patients in our hearing aid program arrive with devices from other places. They tell us that their devices are not working. Some of the causes we’ve discovered for these problems are that the patient has the wrong hearing device for their loss, received poor programming, was inappropriately given domes instead of earmolds, or received no monitoring of performance.

Here is a breakdown of our patients with complex hearing loss and their hearing technology:

                Patients wearing hearing aids: 81%           Patients wearing cochlear implants: 19%
·        46% have never worn a hearing aid before coming to us

·        54% have worn hearing aids in the past and came to us             for a second opinion as they still had hearing problems               despite having hearing aids

·        36% wear a BIMODAL option (Implant + Hearing Aid)

·        35% wear two implants

·        29% wear unilateral implants

Our local cochlear implant patients travel an average of 36 miles to come to our practice for services. While our hearing aid patients are typically Chicagoans, some come from Indiana, and some are visiting from a variety of places worldwide. You can learn more about our patients’ experiences by reading  our Patients’ reviews.

For more information:

If you are interested in an appointment, please visit our website or call 312-643-0717. We look forward to meeting you.