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What Does It Take to Achieve Better Hearing?

When it comes to hearing loss and hearing solutions, the price of hearing aids has long been the center of attention for patients, clinicians, manufacturers, and retail corporations. The cost of hearing aids leads many patients to explore all the avenues of purchase available to them and search for the best price. On the surface,… View Article

Quiet Places for Dining in Chicago

Chicago is chock-full of amazing dining options. How lucky are we to live in a city where you can find every type of cuisine, at many different price points, and in many different neighborhoods? You probably have favorites that are your go-to places. Trying someplace new is tricky because restaurants are noisy these days! Many… View Article

Untreated Hearing Loss Brings Unwanted Side Effects

Many people of all ages struggle with their hearing. Almost two-thirds of adults age 70 or older experience a hearing loss.* Children can have hearing losses as well, and their families are typically quick to respond and get help. This makes good sense. When children do not hear well, they experience developmental delays, and academic… View Article

Got Clogged Ears?

Louisa Liang, Au.D. The body produces earwax, also known as cerumen, as a natural defense mechanism to keep out bacteria, bugs, and dirt. The cerumen also functions as a protective barrier to reduce irritation, infection, or damage to the sensitive skin in the ear canals. Naturally, it slowly migrates out of the ears over time…. View Article

Holiday Partying with a Hearing Loss

They’re here! The holidays are often filled with parties, family gatherings and work events. Even the grocery stores are busier. Fun, but potentially stressful if you have a hearing loss. I hope the following suggestions will help make the season more enjoyable for you: Plan before the event. Think about where you are going and… View Article

Traveling for the Holidays? Guidelines and Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants

By Louisa Liang, Au.D. The holiday season is upon us and for many that means traveling to see family or friends. Travel is exciting and fun, but if you have hearing aids or cochlear implants, you may benefit from some information and tips. Patients ask Dr. Ullauri and me two questions regarding flying with hearing… View Article

Struggling with Your Current Hearing Devices?

Dr. Ullauri answers some common questions about hearing aids and cochlear implants. Patients who are current hearing aid users who are experiencing problems, or patients who want cochlear implant assessments, must navigate a changing technological landscape. Below, Dr. Ullauri tackles 4 common questions that address these issues: I was told many years ago I wasn’t… View Article

September is Healthy Aging Month! Read “This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism” for a New Take on Living Agefully

Last month I received a backhanded compliment from an acquaintance who meant well, but whose words fell a little flat. “Happy Birthday -you’re holding it together quite well so you should be happy☺” I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about those sentiments. Honored by the kind wishes, yes, but not truly flattered by them…. View Article

Turn it Down – Protecting Your Hearing Health

(Earbuds and Headphones are Fashion Statements!) By Bethany Webb Growing up, if your household was anything like mine, “turn it down!” was one of the most common phrases used by adults and siblings alike. Whether it was the TV, the radio, or someone’s personal listening device, it seemed like someone always thought something was too… View Article

What You Don’t Know About Hearing Loss and the Brain

New studies show that hearing loss can lead to changes in the brain.  The brain’s ability to change is referred to as neuroplasticity.  In early childhood, neuroplasticity is particularly important as it is the foundation for learning and acquiring different skills.  Neuroplasticity usually works in our favor, but there are some situations when that is not the case. Dr…. View Article
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One More Reason to Love Dark Chocolate (You’re Welcome 🙂 )

Dark chocolate (70% or higher cocoa content) is the food item I would choose for my stranded on a desert island staple. I absolutely love it and eat at least 3 ounces a day with great pleasure. Chances are you might share my love, or at least find dark chocolate very satisfying. Have you heard about its possible… View Article

Hearing Screenings – Painless and Annoyance Free!

How long has it been since you had your hearing screened? The majority of states currently require newborn hearing screening tests, and many states require hearing screening for elementary school children, but only 20 states require hearing screening beyond the 6th grade. A routine hearing screening is like a medical check-up or eye exam…easy to… View Article

We Haven’t Changed Much, But Our Ears Have Life Experience!

Hey there fellow baby boomers – we are all over 50 now, with the last of our group hitting the mark in 2014. But 50+ doesn’t feel that different, does it? On the inside, we are still the same people we always were, and on the outside, we still look pretty darn good. I heard… View Article

Back Away from The Cotton Tipped Swabs!

Do you have a box of cotton tipped swabs in your bathroom for makeup removal, or manicure help? Or perhaps for detail work on your car or for craft projects. Good. But did you, like me, also grow up using the swabs to “clean” the inside of your ears? Chances are, if you are over… View Article


Posted by Dr. Alejandra Ullauri:  As an Audiologist, I take great pride in what I do to help people hear better, which in reality, means live better. However, I am also sad and frustrated when I encounter individuals and families that have given up on hearing aids. They tell me: “We tried hearing aids and… View Article







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